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Special promo for MMM Turkey! MMM EXTRA - ONLINE up to 100% per month. Available only for 3 months.


1. Extra Income

A new period of innovations has come to the Community. The MMM Extra program is being introduced. The Community becomes even more developed, dynamic and progressive while its participants get new extra income opportunities.

Now, every participant in MMM Turkey will be daily offered a simple web-task related to the activities in the social networks and forums that generate extra traffic to the MMM website. MAVROs of those who complete all tasks of the month will grow at 100% while MAVROs of those who don’t complete any task will grow at 20%. Meanwhile, MAVROs won’t grow on Tuesdays and Thursdays only but every day. The day when the task is completed appropriately MAVROs grow twice more.

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Çağrı merkezi için PROFESYONEL çevrimiçi danışmanı aranıyor!

Ful zaman çalışmadan ayda 400 dolara kadar kazanabilirsiniz. Esnek bonus sistemimiz var.


Öncelikle, davetçi bonusu, Sisteme her davet edileniniz (davetli) yeni katılımcının mevduatının % 10 olarak hesaplanır. Ayrıca, yapınızdaki katılımcıların yatırdığı mevduat üzerinden yöneticilik bonusu alabilirsiniz.

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We are looking for PROFESSIONAL on-line consultants for our call-center department!

You can earn up to 400 dollars per a month for not full working day. We offer a flexible system of bonuses!

First of all, you get a Referral Bonus +10% of the amount of the contribution made by each new member (referral) you invited into the System. Besides, you can receive leader bonuses from each participant's donation.

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Up to+100% PER MONTH with MMM-EXTRA.


We invite you to take part in MMM-EXTRA program.

Help us developing the MMM-Communityby performing online and reallifepersonal tasks every day and get your interest increased up to 100% per month.

Take 5-15 minutes a day for online web-tasks,and get extra interest accrued.

Without doing any task during the month, your MAVRO will grow a standard 20% a month. Maximum Mavro-EXTRA growth rate is 100% per month:

- Basic rate give you standard 20% per month;

- Online tasksgive you up to +30% per month;

- Offline (real life) tasksgive you additional up to +50% permonth!

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